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Director:  Brenda Noble, 7973 Telephone Rd., LeRoy, NY  14482  (585) 768-6632

Eileen Johnson, 761 Traver Road, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 (845) 635-2702

Janice Wilcox, 5284 Middle Reservation Road, Castile, NY 14427 (585) 493-2143

Linda Batsford, 1199 Church St., Cortland, NY 13045  607/835-6127


2015-2016 Handbook all pages

The Family Activities Vision Area covers many areas within the Grange program.

Its main objective is helping each Grange unit be an advocate for families through a variety of programs.



An advocate is one who speaks or writes in support of something or someone. Grange history shows that the family has always been a central part of the Grange. In today’s society it has become even more important that the family unit be strengthened and supported in every way. Thus as a family oriented organization, today’s Grange needs to provide as many opportunities as possible to help strengthen family ties and to uphold the family values of love, acceptance, honesty and meaningful communication. In addition to supporting family values, many of the Family Advocacy program urge each local Grange to reach out into the community to inform other of services available to them, to work with other community organizations and try to make their Grange a viable part of the working community in today’s busy world. We also continue to offer programs and contests of interest to the members, which can also be used to draw new members of like interest.




Building Better Communities by by using contests to draw new members (i.e. have a baking contest with the community and offer a year's free membership to Grange.)



To support Special Olympics and the Sports Dept. each participant in the sport activities will be asked to donate $1 for Special Olympics.

Health Project - Maintain Eye Health - ways to protect and prevent caaracts and/or macular degeneration. The health prpoject is meant to educate, and to raise awareness about different health topics.

Instruction for Crafts or Handiwork It is suggested that Grangers have classes to instruct people how to knit, crochet, or do handiwork. It will hopefully give new interest and new individuals will want to enter contests.


Craft and Handiwork Contests This area will involve those interested in crafts. Entries are open to members and community members. No professional people may enter any of these contests.

County winners in these categories are to be sent to

 State Headquarters for Judging by

First Place winners of needlework will be sent to the

Eastern States Exposition (Springfield, MA)

Woodworking: Complete any type of woodworking not to exceed
20 x 24 inches.
Judging: Creativity 30%, Workmanship 40%, Appearance 30%

A) Afghans
B) Crocheted Doilies
C) Plastic Canvas
D) Knitting
E) Embroidery
F Latch Hook

Quilting Project:
Create a finished quilt project. You may use any type of thread or material except pre-quilted fabric. Any quilting method may be used.
A Wall hanging: must be complete with dowel or method of hanging 1) Machine quilted, 2) Hand quilted, 3) Junior

B Bed Size  (2014) 1) Machine quilted, 2) Hand quilted, 3) Junior

Judging: Originality - 30%; Coordinating Colors - 20%; Stitching - 40%; Overall appearance - 10%


2015 Zucchini Bread Baking Contest   Handbook page4, Score Sheet


County winners will be sent to State Grange for judging on

Saturday of session in 2014. 



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