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Extend a hand............ get a GRIP............a Grange GRIP....!!!

Kathy E. Miller, Director

2600 Route 20A, Lot 1, Varysburg, NY  14167

Phone 585-356-9113

The Grange 150 years and beyond?   You betchya! 

      The family - the grassroots of American ideals.  We live in  a great young country.  The basis of our country's grandeur starts in the home, reaches out into our local community and from thereon throughout our counties, states and our unified nation.  The Grange has always recognized the strength of the family.  Our organization historically has welcomed the entire family to join, debate, vote, advocate and grow with us.   If more families would join the Grange, many of the troublesome ailments of today's society would disappate .......not because of  some magic tonic,  but simply by living the good lessons learned inside the guidelines of the Patrons of Husbandry, our Grange.  As a Grange member you possess a power that could enrich the lives of many families.  You, as a Grange member hold the remedy in your hands.....literally.  Go to your grassroots, find a family that does not yet belong to the Grange, extend your hand in friendship and with enthusiasm.   Get a grip on your pen to write that family a prescription that works... an Application of Membership to JOIN THE GRANGE.

            The Meriam Webster dictionary defines the handshake as a noun.  The handshake is  a friendly human act simply defined as the art of grasping someone's right hand with your right hand and moving it up and down. Extending your hand can say, hello, farewell, congratulations or welcome!  Many of our Granges are the center hub of community services and activities.   Patrons equip yourself with that powerful perscription, extend the hand of friendship, harvest  the completed membership applications you have gleaned.   Maintain the welcome mat at the entrance to our halls, keep extending your hand, get a grip on your pen, it will soon evole into the Grange Grip and our halls will be bustling with strong families with good Grange Values. 


2016-2017 General Handbook (all pages)

Are you wondering how to approach a potential new member?

Click here for the National Grange’s Four Steps to Successful Recruitment of New Members  


Leadership/Membership Training at Regional G.O.A.L. Seminars



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