Laura Magrum, State Lecturer
24 Chapell Street, Brockport, NY 14420
ph: 585-813-8238

Lecturer’s Committee

District I (‘21) Kay Bailey, 33 Cherry St., Lyons, NY 14489                                ph: 315-573-6408 
District II (“19) Anna Ritchey, 755 Co. Hwy 2, Unadilla, NY 13849                     ph: 607-563-1104 
District III (“20) Bonnie LaSalle, 810 Turin Street, Rome, NY 13440                   ph: 315-371-0455 
District IV (“18) Sarah Barber, 35 Real View Drive, East Chatham, NY 12060    ph: 518-698-1811 

The Lecturer/Program Director holds one of the most challenging and rewarding positions in the Grange. The job is two-fold. First of all, it is the Lecturer’s responsibility to present or arrange for a program at each regular Grange meeting.   Lecturers should strive to have well balanced programs which include elements of educational information, fun activities and inspirational messages. Music should be included whenever possible. Recorded music is perfectly acceptable. Consider having a program that helps to promote the various contests such as a mini photography or art class.  Perhaps an acting workshop would encourage some members to work on a skit or monologue for the talent contest. It is important to foster a good relationship with the Grange Master/President so that time for the program does not become an issue.

Secondly, the Lecturer/Program Director is a liaison to the community.  Invite members of the community to share their talents with the Grange as part of a program.  Respond in kind by being willing to present a program for other community organizations and/or sponsor educational programs for the community.

Guidelines for Pomona Lecturers

* Present or arrange for a well-balanced program at each meeting.
* Work with other Grange officers and committees in building a successful Grange.
* Communicate with and offer assistance to the Community Grange Lecturers.
* Promote various contests and hold county contests if warranted.
* Be a liaison between Community and Junior Granges and the State Grange by disseminating information and
sending  necessary reports to the State Lecturer.
* Fill out the annual report and send it to the State Lecturer by September 15.

Guidelines for Community Grange Lecturers

* Present or arrange for a well-balanced program at each meeting.
* Cooperate with other Grange officers and committees to plan a yearly program for the Grange.
* Survey the members to learn individual interests.
* Encourage individuals to expand and share their talents.
* Promote the various opportunities provided through the Lecturer’s Department.
* Fill out the annual report and send to the State Lecturer by September 15.

2018-2019 Lecturer’s Theme – “Our Great Country”

Show your patriotism, bring back patriotism and celebrate all the great things about the good old USA.

Theme Songs

“This is My Country” and “America the Beautiful”, both are in The Grange Songbook.

The story of the writing of “America the Beautiful” by Katherine Lee Bates is readily available. Use the songs anyway you choose: opening or closing song, patriotic sing-a-long, as part of a program.  Sing them acapella or with music. Let your voices soar.


WRITE a letter to a person in the service. A letter from “home” helps keep morale up and lets them know they are appreciated. Go to: to get started. Maybe you have a member or someone in your community to write to.

BECOME a pen pal with a Granger in another state.  Grangers are all over the nation, see what they are doing to keep their Grange active and relevant.

Creative Writing Project

Display your creativity through writing.

Option 1: For those that are computer savvy create a computer presentation on any topic of your choosing. Put it on a flash drive so it can be shown on a computer.  Maximum of 3 minutes run time.

Option 2: For paper lovers

Create a tri-fold brochure that can be used to promote your Grange. Clip art may be used.  Be sure any other art work or photos are original or that may be used without copyright violations.

New York State Grange Art Contest 

Division I – Community Grange members
Division II – Junior Grange members – ages 5-9
Division III – Junior Grange members – ages 10-14

*A Junior Grange member’s age will be determined as of January 1st. prior to state judging.

Category A – Oils and acrylics
Category B – Charcoal, pencil, crayon, marker
Category C – Mixed media – including watercolor

Each member may submit one entry in each category and must be the original work of the member.  All entries must be completed between May 1st. and April 15th. of the current contest year.  A work of art may only be entered once.  An art entry must not be larger than 24”x36”x1“.  There is no minimum size.  Do not mount an art entry on a backing larger than necessary.  DO NOT SEND GLASS WITH THE ENTRY.  .   Judging criteria will include composition, use of mediums, creativity and overall effect of picture.

New York State Grange Photography Contest

Division I – Community Grange members
Division II – Junior Grange members – ages 5-9
Division III – Junior Grange members – ages 10-14

Category A – Patriotism
Category B – Dusk to Dawn (no flash)
Category C – Historic Sites

Size: minimum 4”x6” to maximum of 11”x14” including matting.

Each member may submit one photo in each category and it must be taken by the member.  The photo must be taken between May 1st. and April 15th. of the current contest year and be only entered once.  Matting is strongly advised as it enhances the appearance of the photo and is required for National Grange judging.  Matting materials may be purchased at craft stores and mainline retailers.  Frames are not allowed but the photo must have a rigid backing.  Both film and digital photos are allowed.

Professionals are NOT eligible to participate in the art or photo contests.  A professional is defined as someone who receives significant financial gain from the sale of his/her art work or acting as an instructor.

On the back of all entries in ART and PHOTO list:

Of the member submitting the entry.

Pomona Lecturers will conduct a Pomona level art and photo contest (including Junior entries) and send first place winning entries in all divisions to the State Grange Headquarters by April 15th of each year. Mark outside of package with “ART and/or PHOTO ENTRIES.”

State awards may be certificates, ribbons and/or cash prizes.  The Community Grange “Best of Show” in photography will be eligible for National Grange competition.

Talent Show

Category A – Instrumental (solo or group)
Category B – Vocal (solo or group)
Category C – Skit/Variety

Any Community or Junior Grange member or group of Grange members is invited to perform in the State Grange Talent Show.  Pomona Lecturers may hold a Pomona Level Talent Show or contact Community Grange Lecturers to determine those interested in performing at the State Talent Show.  Pomona Lecturers will complete a form provided by the State Lecturer listing those interested in performing in the State Grange Talent Show held during the Lecturer/ Family Activities Conference.  This conference will be held the last Saturday in April at the State Grange headquarters.  Pomona Lecturers will send the form to the State Lecturer by April 15 each year.  The maximum time for each act is 6 minutes.  There is no minimum time limit.  The format for any recorded music should be a cd or thumb drive.

Professionals are NOT eligible to participate in the art or photo contests.  A professional is defined as someone who receives significant financial gain from performance or acting as an instructor in a particular category.

Judging will be done by qualified individuals.  All performers will receive a ribbon.  The Community Grange “Best of Show” winner will receive $50.00 and will be invited to perform at the State Fair on Grange Day, State Grange Session, and at the National Grange Talent Showcase during the National Grange Convention.


Discussion Topics

Suggested topics for 2018-19 are “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” and “Service/Therapy Animals.”

Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome or PSTD is prevalent in our society.  It affects not only service personnel but by people in other walks of life who have experienced a traumatic events.  What are ways to recognize this?  Who can help? How do you help? What treatment will help? Do some research. Reach out to professionals for advice to share.

Service/Therapy Animals are around much more than formerly. What is the definition of a service animal? Therapy animal? What are the differences? Who should have them?

How do they help? What rules must others follow when encountering them? Here again do some research. Talk or invite a person with such animal to the Grange.

Blue Jacket Project and NY Agriculture in the Classroom remain the same.


Granges are strongly encouraged to present programs and initiate projects to address the plight of the honey bee, butterflies and other pollinators.  Hold an informational meeting for the Grange and community and/or spearhead a campaign to preserve their habitats.  Explain the plants or flowers that attract them.  Tell about the diseases or hardships that have caused a decline in these pollinators.  Explain why they are necessary for agriculture and the general world.  County Extension may offer information or assistance as can bee keepers.

Dates to Remember 

April 15, 2018 & 2019 – Art and Photo entries due at State Grange Headquarters
April 15, 2018 &2019 – Talent Entry Report sheets due to State Lecturer
April 28, 2018 – Lecturer/FAC Conference – NYS Grange Headquarters
April 27, 2019 – Lecturer/FAC Conference – NYS Grange Headquarters
August 5-7, 2019 – NE Lecturer’s Conference – Devens, MA
September 15, 2018 and 2019 – Lecturers” reports,

View/Download/Print the 2018-19 Lecturers Program here
View/Download/Print 2019 Talent Report Form here

View/Download/Print 2019 Art/Photo Packing List Form here

NE Lecturer’s Conference Information
  Conference Program here
  Conference Registration form here
  Program Notes here






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