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Membership Application

Are you ready to join the New York State Grange? If you need to find a local Grange click here

 Membership brochure in PDF format                                Get Adobe Reader

You can download and print the membership brochure , or  print out an association application below,
click here for application

fill in the requested information and send to

New York State Grange, 100 Grange Place, Cortland, New York 13045

Please include a check for $30.00 payable to New York State Grange.

Associate Membership

Highlight below from "I wish" through the end of the application and then print that selection.

I wish to be an Associate Member of the New York State Grange and help sustain the work of the Grange. As an Associate Member I understand that I am entitled to the member services of the Grange. A brochure outlining these services will be sent upon receipt of this application. Also, as an Associate Member of the Grange, I understand that I am "without vote" in the local Grange until I choose to become an initiated member of a local Grange. If you are not aware of a local Grange we will include contact information with your member brochure.

(Please Print)  Name_______________________________Phone_______________

E-Mail address: ____________________________


City______________State_______Zip Code_______

LOCAL GRANGE AFFILIATION (if you choose to be affiliated with a local Grange, that Grange will receive $10 of your dues and be credited with your membership.

I wish to have a local Grange affiliation?______ Yes _____No

If you know the name of the Grange you wish to affiliate with please enter below:

GRANGE NAME___________________ GRANGE NUMBER._________ COUNTY_________



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