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New York State Grange Youth Team

Youth Co-Directors:
Elaine Smith, 220 Oakley Rd, Stamford, NY 12167 ph: 607-652-2180 email:
Paula Turner, 6730 Velie Road, Savona, NY 14879 607-377-1736 (cell) 607-776-9730 (home)

Youth Team:
Emily Thomas-Shoop, 40 Parkwood  St Apt B1, Albany, NY 12208 518-488-7833
Katelyn Darling, 3627 County Route 21, Whitehall, NY  12887, (518) 859-0904,
Jackie Turner, 6730 Velie Road, Savona, NY 14879 ph: 607-661-6508  email:


2015-2016 General Handbook   Youth   

Facebook: Search "NYS Grange Youth"



Mission of New York State Youth Department

To Provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities




Youth Motto: “I’d be delighted”

The New York State Grange Youth Department represents members age 13 - 35. However, all Youth Activities are open to all Community Grange members. Check individual programs/contests for age specifications/requirements.

The New York State Grange Youth Department program is intended to find something of interest to everyone. It is our goal to involve the Youth in various aspects of the "Total Grange Program." To this end, we have selected one or two specific activities from each of the following departments listed in this section of our Handbook. It is believed that by nurturing our youth through specific involvement in the "Total Grange Program," they will desire to be involved in the development, implementation, and continuation of the Grange at all levels which will help generate our future leaders.


''Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?" ,.. Dennis & Wendy Mannering


Do you have your GPA - your Grange ,Positive Attitude - what you need in order to keep all around you in a forward moving manner? A member that possesses a GPA is one that will attract new members, encourage the discouraged, and gracefully win or lose a contest. When a member has their GPA, you can recognize them by their sunny disposition, cooperative manner, and ability to make others around them feel good as well. Your GPA will work to motivate those around you. There will be no failures, but only small successes. As Youth, it behooves you to always make sure you have your GPA whenever you have a task to complete. All those you meet will want to be around you.

New York State Grange Youth Contests for 2014 - 2015

All Contest Entries are due to the State Youth Director by September 10th!

Age Groups: (12 - 18); (19 - 24); (25 - 35)

Prezi Presentation


Create a Prezi Presentation designed to attract new Youth members to join the Grange. Go to to learn about Prezi’s, and create your own! It is a simple new way to jazz up your presentation.

There are two categories for the Presentations:

  • * Spoken Presentation: Can be given at an Open House Meeting, Grange Meeting, Forum, Conference, etc.

  • Stand Alone: Can be displayed and continuously running at events such as a County Fair, Community Day, Festival, or at a Grange Booth.

The winning Prezi Presentations in each category will be featured on the New York State Grange Website and the New York State Grange Youth Facebook Page. They will also be showcased at the Annual New York State Grange Session.

    Judging Criteria: Creativity - 30%; Content – 40%; Organization – 15%; and Presentation – 15%


Youth Membership Recruitment

Each Youth member in New York State is challenged to ask teenagers and young adults in their communities to join the Grange. A special award will be given to the Youth Member who brings in the most new Youth members between the age of 13 and 35 to their Grange family. Send the names and contact information of all new Youth members to the State Director by September 10th in order to be considered for the prize! The winner will receive a $25 cash prize.


2014 Youth Winter Weekend

3057 - One of the get acquainted games
3073 - Human Trivia Board Game  
3075 - Human Trivia Board Game
3101 - Human Trivia Board Game End.
3105 - Katelyn presenting a workshop on canning
3110 - Inside of one of the old bunkers at historic moonshine site in Pine Plains, NY. The property has been bought and will become a new legal distillery
3115 - The youth outside of one of the old bunkers in Pine Plains, NY
3117 - The youth outside of the newly built upcoming distillery in Pine Plains, NY
3120 - Inside the newly built distillery. Where we are standing will be the production floor. To the left will be a mechanical and special brewing room. The the first floor will be a bar/restaurant/tasting station. The second will be a banquet area.
3132 - The youth standing in the main operations building

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