The New York State Grange Youth Department represents members age 13 1/2 – 35. However, all Youth Activities are open to all Community Grange members. Check individual programs/contests for age specifications/requirements.

The New York State Grange Youth Department program includes something of interest to everyone. It is our goal to involve the Youth in various aspects of the “Total Grange Program.” To this end, we have selected one or two specific activities from each of the following departments listed in this section of our Handbook. It is believed that by nurturing our youth through specific involvement in the “Total Grange Program,” they will desire to be involved in the development, implementation, and continuation of the Grange at all levels.


Elaine Smith
220 Oakley Road
Stamford, NY 12167
(607) 652-2180                       

Paula Turner
6730 Velie Road
Savona, NY 14879
(607) 377-1736

Facebook: Search “NYS Grange Youth”

Youth Team

Emily Shoop
38 Holmes Ct.
Albany, NY 12209
(518) 488-7833
Jackie Turner
196 East Squire Dr., Apt 5
Rochester, NY 14623
(607) 661-6508 


The current NYS Grange Youth and Young Adult Ambassadors are also part of the Youth Team.


New York State Grange Headquarters                                  National Grange Youth Director
100 Grange Place                                                                       Mandy Bostwick
Cortland, NY 13045                                                            
(607) 756-7553
Fax: (607) 756-7757 


View/Download/Print 2018-19 Youth Handbook here