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To make our local Grange communities a more vital and viable place by encouraging visible Grange projects and events that fulfill community needs and make the best use of the interests and abilities of the Grange members.

High schools, colleges and many organizations require students or members to complete a specific number of community service hours prior to graduation or as part of their membership to the organization.  Why the big push for community service?  Research has shown that community service has many benefits for everyone.

Young people who participate in community service projects tend to become more involved in their communities.  This leads to them caring more about their neighborhood, becoming active voters, and remaining involved in their communities.

Participating in community service also helps people learn how to better solve problems as they are sometimes faced with challenges in their community service project.  Not only do they become problem solvers, they also become a team player as they usually work with others on a project.  Leadership skills also begin to develop when working on a community service project.

The health benefits for everyone participating on community service include better physical and mental health than people who do not participate in community service projects.  By giving of their time and talents to others, people are benefiting themselves as well.

Young adults who join in community service projects begin to network with other people and organizations.  This gives them the opportunity to make connections, which could later be used as references and/or job opportunities as they begin to enter the work force.

There are multiple reasons to go out and become involved in community service projects.  Let’s make it a goal of the Granges in New York State to participate in as many community service projects as possible.  Our organization will be healthier and stronger as a result of all of the good that we are able to do in our communities.

Keep track of your Grange’s community service activities from September 1 to August 31 of each year.  Please submit a report of the community service activities that your Grange has done in a way that is easiest for your Grange.  The report can be submitted either as a letter outlining your activities, a scrapbook, or just a little memo or outline of all of your outreach services.  All community service reports are due to the New York State Grange Community Service Director, and must be postmarked by September 1 each year.  Your reports will be judged based on the score sheet included in the 2022-2023 State Grange Handbook.

New York State Grange will award the following prizes to the top four reports:

1st place           $100
2nd place         $ 75
3rd place          $ 50
4th place          $ 25

The New York State Grange 1st place winner will be sent on to National Grange for judging at the National level.

Any State Grange who receives reports from at least 25% of their Granges will be awarded $250 – in New York State this is a very reachable goal – about 50 Granges need to write a letter, or memo, or make a scrapbook, put a report entry on top and submit it by SEPTEMBER 1st, 2022 & 2023 (no exceptions to this date) to:

Melvin Phelps, Director,
New York State Grange Community Service
PO Box 493
Copenhagen, NY 13626


Do you have pictures from your Grange’s Community Service Project?

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View/download 2024-25 Community Service Handbook here

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