A Treasured Tradition With The Future In Focus

WELCOME to the New York State Grange Sesquicentennial Information Site.  The 150th Anniversary or sesquicentennial of the organizational meeting of the New York State Grange is approaching.  This founding meeting was held on November 6, 1873 in Syracuse.  The Sesquicentennial Committee has been planning a year of celebratory events starting in October of 2022 and ending in October of 2023. The festivities will begin with the October 2022 New York State Grange Session.  Regional celebrations will be held during the summer of 2023. The 150th birthday celebration will conclude with the 151st State Grange Session in October 2023.  We want you to be informed and participate with us as we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the New York State Grange.  If you have questions or ideas please feel free to contact any member of the Sesquicentennial Committee. Click here for a complete printable listing of committee members.

The Sesquicentennial logo was designed by Melvin Phelps. Download/print and use it.

Our theme: A TREASURED TRADITION WITH THE FUTURE IN FOCUS, suggested by Ryan Orton, emphasizes the two main areas that the Celebration Committee feels are important. First, the outstanding accomplishments of the New York State Grange and its leaders should be recognized and honored.  Second, enthusiasm and dedication for future efforts should be built.
These two areas can be a major focus for Community and Pomona Granges.  This theme can be used when honoring members for years of service.  Grange memories and accomplishments of these members can be recorded.  The theme can serve as an impetus to write or update the history of your Grange.  Adding new members is a necessity to the future of the Grange organization.

Our beautiful BANNER (see above) was designed by Roberta Severson with assistance from Melvin Phelps.

Candle sales for Traveling Birthday Cake:  This is our major fundraising effort.  The 150th birthday cake has been designated to travel for the next year and a half after making its debut at the State Grange Session in 2021.  The goal is to have 150 candles added to the cake recognizing Grangers and granges.  Honor, recognize, remember your special grange member or your grange.  Candle prices range from $10.00 to $100.00. View/download/print the form here.

Sesquicentennial Membership Application:  As we look to the future it becomes very clear that we should invite others to become Grange members.  Having a ready supply of membership applications is a good first step.  Many times people are willing to help and become members if we just hand them a membership application accompanied by some friendly words  of invitation.  For the most part our neighbors are ready to gather and enjoy the company of others as the pandemic is subsiding.  What better place than the Grange to again meet and interact face to face.  The Grange has many areas of interest for our members.  This can be a win win situation.  Please download/print the membership application here.  Make multiple copies and have them easily available at your meetings and events


Family Activities:  Department Director Brenda Noble has developed  a quilt block program for the Anniversary Celebration. The pattern is “Churn Dash” and the directions can be found here and here. Anyone can make one and send it to State Session in October 2022.  We will then take all the blocks to create a quilt for the 15oth Celebration is October 2023.

Membership Leadership:  State Director Barton Snedaker has set a goal of 150 new Community Grange members in 2023, and 150 members to take the Sixth Degree in October of 2023.


All Grange members and friends are invited to any Regional 150th Celebration! The counties listed are just a suggested area. Programs at each location will vary, but each one will have birthday cake and ic cream. Click here for the complete listing. Listing Revised May, 2023.


State Session 2022
People’s Choice Poster entries due
FAC  “Churn Dash” quilt block entries due

State Session 2023
Sesquitennial Celebration
FAC Anniversary Quilt on display
Sixth Degree Class of 150 members.


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