The Grange Camping program was initiated in 1964 and has been continuous since then. We strive to provide a balanced program of education and fun by combining Grange heritage, crafts, recreation, leadership development, and other camp activities. Grange Camp provides a unique opportunity to make new lasting friendships while enriching your camping experience.


Camp Co Directors: Sherri Taft, 12544 Ira Station Road, Cato, NY 13033  ph: 315-380-2294
                                    Ryan Orton, 218 Attlebury Hill Road, Stanfordville, NY 12581 ph: 845-594-3431

2019 Location: Camp Wyomoco, 2780 Buffalo Road, Varysburg, NY  14167

2019 Dates: July 21-27

PROGRAMS: Swimming, Hiking, Athletics, Crafts, Boating, Baking, Rocketry, Fishing, & Youth Grange Radio Spot

2019 Classes: TBA

All Camp Activities: Campfires, Skits, Drill Presentation, Scavenger Hunt, & Grange Olympics

Health & Safety: All campers attending must be in good health. Campers with health impairments or injuries must have a

Doctor’s release and written restrictions at the time of registration. Each camper must submit a complete health form at the time of application before being accepted.

Costs: $250.00 per camper.

Who may attend? Any child ages 7 through 18



View/Download/Print the complete Registration/Information package here

Please call ahead if you cannot meet these scheduled times. If someone other than a parent is picking up a camper, please have a permission slip send with the registration form, or fill out a permission slip at registration.

Campers are accepted without regard to sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.



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