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Building Better Granges & Stronger Communities…

A strong, diverse legislative program can be one of the most effective tools of the Grange to attract new members!

When the community becomes aware that your Grange is actively involved in helping to solve problems and address issue that affect communities, the state and nation and our families, respect and prestige will be a natural result. Neighbors will want to be a part of such a vital rural organization.

Legislative Conference

September 28, 2024 State Legislative Day at NYS Grange Headquarters

Questions may be directed to Cindy Benson-Pollard, Legislative Director



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2024 Legislative Policy  (Policy presented in italics has been adopted as National Grange Policy)
Agriculture & Environment here
Education here
Federal Issues here
Health Issues here
State Issues here
Taxation & Fiscal Responsibility here

OUR LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES               Click here for a printable version of the 2024 Priorities.


Legislative work is an important part of our total program. It gives the opportunity for local folks to extend their thoughts and influence far beyond their local communities. History attests to the  effectiveness of Grange initiatives down through the years. Complete information and suggestions in relation to creating and running an effective Legislative program can be found by downloading and studying the Handbook pages via the link at the bottom of the page.


Clear, concise title:

While a resolution need not have a title when it is submitted to Pomona or State Grange, a title from the originating body is helpful.  It can be modified as the resolution moves along to higher bodies.  If there is no title for a resolution once it reaches the State Legislative Director, one will be assigned.

Whereas sections:

State the problem or concern in the first section.  State facts, not opinions!!  Note that ‘WHEREAS,” is capitalized; and a comma is followed by “and” at the end of each paragraph.

Each fact should be a separate paragraph, preceded by “WHEREAS,” and the last paragraph ends with “therefore be it.”

Resolve section:

Calls for the desired action and by whom the action is required… usually in support of some action or opposes some action.  If there is more than one action or solution requested, tie them together with the words “and be it further” at the end of the first “Resolve” section.  Properly written, this paragraph is a summary of action desired and policy to be set.  REMEMBER, the resolve section(s) of a resolution should make sense if none of the WHEREAS sections are present.  Read the RESOLVE to see that the full meaning is clear when standing alone.


A resolution submitted to a higher level of Grange or to elected officials should be signed by two Grange leaders:  Grange Master (President), Grange Secretary and/or Legislative Chairperson of that Grange.  If the Grange can provide a Grange seal on the document, all the better, but it is not required.  The date in the lower left hand corner is suggested so that the body receiving the resolution will know when the Grange adopted this position.

It is suggested that resolutions pass from Subordinate (Community) Granges through Pomona Granges and then, when adopted at that level, to be forwarded to State Grange when the issue is of state or national significance.

As the deadline for submission of resolutions to State Grange is September 1st of each year, a resolution from a Subordinate (Community) Grange must go directly to State Grange when there is no meeting of the respective Pomona Grange prior to the State Grange convention in October.

Resolutions postmarked or personally delivered after September 1st must have (30) copies provided to be considered by the delegates at the October meeting.

Resolutions submitted to State Grange are to be sent directly to the Legislative Director at her home address:

Cindy Benson-Pollard
401 Charles Ave,
Syracuse, NY 13209
Tel: 315-414-9335


Subordinate/Community Granges or Pomona Granges are encouraged to arrange a visit to their State Senator and/or State Assemblyman’s office sometime during the year.  During the Legislative Session (January through June), state-elected representatives are generally in Albany Monday through Thursday each week.  Good days to arrange a visit in the home office would be either Friday or Saturday.

Be prepared to discuss a few issues that your Grange is more interested in.  Ask for the elected representative’s opinion.  Encourage their sponsorship of legislation that would bring about the desired action.  If their opinion differs from the Grange’s position, gather more information to share with your members back home which may influence a resolution to reverse our Grange position.  Maybe you can encourage them to reverse their opinion if it is different from the Grange’s stand.

Above all, thank them for their time and for getting acquainted with members from the local Grange.  You might have a copy of the current State Grange Policy Manual and the current year’s priorities that you could leave with them.  Encourage them to continue the dialogue if they would like an opinion on other issues that they deal with.

New York State Senate Member Information here

New York State Assembly Member Information here

View/Download/Print the 2024-25 Legislative Handbook here


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