Brenda Noble, State Lecturer
7973 Telephone Road, LeRoy, NY 14482
ph: 585-768-6632

Lecturer’s Committee

District I    Western NY Carol Bailey 3033 Middle Sodus Road, Lyons, NY 14489                        ph: 315-946-4379
District II   Central NY  Anna Ritchey, 755 Co. Hwy 2, Unadilla, NY 13849                                      ph: 607-563-1104
District III  Northern NY  Laura Magrum 3 Acorn Valley Trail, Rochester, NY 14624                    ph: 585-813-8238
District IV  Hudson Valley NY Karin Croucher, 3 Warren St., Apt 1, Danvers, MA 01923              ph: 978-317-6037

The Lecturer/Program Director holds one of the most challenging and rewarding positions in the Grange. The job is two-fold. First of all, it is the Lecturer’s responsibility to present or arrange for a program at each regular Grange meeting.   Lecturers should strive to have well balanced programs which include elements of educational information, fun activities and inspirational messages. Music should be included whenever possible. Recorded music is perfectly acceptable. Consider having a program that helps to promote the various contests such as a mini photography or art class.  Perhaps an acting workshop would encourage some members to work on a skit or monologue for the talent contest. It is important to foster a good relationship with the Grange Master/President so that time for the program does not become an issue.

Secondly, the Lecturer/Program Director is a liaison to the community.  Invite members of the community to share their talents with the Grange as part of a program.  Respond in kind by being willing to present a program for other community organizations and/or sponsor educational programs for the community.

Guidelines for Pomona Lecturers

* Present or arrange for a well-balanced program at each meeting.
* Work with other Grange officers and committees in building a successful Grange.
* Communicate with and offer assistance to the Community Grange Lecturers.
* Promote various contests and hold county contests if warranted.
* Be a liaison between Community and Junior Granges and the State Grange by disseminating information and
sending  necessary reports to the State Lecturer.
* Fill out the annual report and send it to the State Lecturer by September 15.

Guidelines for Community Grange Lecturers

* Present or arrange for a well-balanced program at each meeting.
* Cooperate with other Grange officers and committees to plan a yearly program for the Grange.
* Survey the members to learn individual interests.
* Encourage individuals to expand and share their talents.
* Promote the various opportunities provided through the Lecturer’s Department.
* Fill out the annual report and send to the State Lecturer by September 15.


View/Download/Print the 2024-25 Lecturers Program here  (amended 2/5/24)





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